…provides access to various services for research data collection, archiving and publication of the marine research in Kiel and is provided by the GEOMAR data management team (contact us). The portal offers document exchange, common or individual blogs and fora and integrates internal and external webservices and -pages. Moreover it provides access to several project's collaboration sites with personal login.

The infrastructure covers the period from data acquisition to publication, or 10 years (DFG-Richtlinie), respectively. The longterm archiving of research data will be achieved by publication in suitable world data centers, allowing the synthesis with external data.


"Open Access" Research Data 



  • KDMI Geo-Search: Search cruise tracks, print publications, sampling locations, glider tracks, sample descriptions and detailed cruise information as georeferenced information in GoogleEarth. 

  • Boknis Eck Database: The Boknis Eck Time Series Station is located at the entrance of the Eckernförde Bay (54°31.2' N, 10°02.5' E) in the southwestern Baltic Sea. Monthly sampling at Boknis Eck began on 30 April 1957. Thus, Boknis Eck is one of the oldest - still operated - time series sites worldwide. Registered users can access the database (biogeochemical data).

  • OceanRep GEOMAR: OceanRep is an open access digital collection containing the research output of GEOMAR staff and students. Included are journal articles, conference papers, book chapters, theses and more, - with fulltext, if available. OceanRep is managed by the GEOMAR Library and technical supported by the Data Management Team.
  • Data Portal German Marine Research (MaNIDA): The data portal offers an integrative framework for coherent discovery, visualization, download and dissemination of scientific data originating from nationally operated research platforms and monitoring facilities (vessels, observatories, campaigns, web services). The content originates from German marine research institutions ranging from cruise-related metadata to archived and near real time data, data products, reports and publications.



"Access Controlled" Research Data (ongoing research)







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How to get a login for the portal? Follow this "Sign up" link, ask the data steward of your research unit or call the data management team!